# File - ChangeLog.txt
# Date created: 2004/04/17
# Last revision: $Date: 2005/09/29 18:21:10 $
# $Revision: $

Version 0.02.07


  • Bug 1307636: After opening a note you always look at the same note when scrolling between the records.
  • Last commit was not done

Version 0.02.06


  • Bug: Strange graph behavior when lots of records. We were exceeding the maximum value of Int16 in one of the calculation step for x. Reported by: Paul Rossi by email.


  • Decrease the requirement to Palm OS 3.2 instead of Palm OS 3.5
  • The Header of the export can have strange values.
  • If the imported values were not between quote (") the application could crash
  • If the number of record is bigger than the available record the import can crash.
  • Make the import more stable.
  • The header of the export/import table can now be localised. (The localization is not done yet)
  • The convertion tools was missing from the zip file
  • Update the README and LLEGEIXME for the new requirement and correct the value for the memory needed.

Version 0.02.05


  • Update Catalan translation
  • Update French translation
  • Update unit test for Stats


  • Update the Galician translation (Patch by Óscar X. Beiro)
  • Correct some French typo (Patch by Julien Ranc)
  • Update documentation
  • Clean code from TRACE function
  • Remove compilation warning

Version 0.02.04


  • On the T5 the icon is too big. (The pFuel_32x32_16bit.bmp file is used. We are not using this file until we solve the problem.

Version 0.02.03


  • Bug: 1192836: When viewing a stat for a given record. If the previous record was not a full tank. The statistics were not accurate.
  • Update the documentation.
  • The Makefile create a zip of the source files and etc. This is called by "gmake src.zip"
  • Update the unitTest for the stat form
  • Create a ".psf" file of the unitTest for the stat form. This can be loaded by the emultator.
  • Add extension .pdb and .PDB as binary file in cvswrapper
  • Add a Catalan translation of the README
  • In the last commit utility.c was corrupted ??


  • When changing the type of graphics the title of the previous graphics can still be seen. patch by Fenco Bez
  • On the record page if the fuel number is zero the $/unit is strange.
  • Clean the code


  • Forgot to commit the file pfRecord in the last commit

Version 0.02.02


  • Forgot to try to compile the latest commit. the variable updated was left in.


  • In the Add Petrol form the automatic calculation was not always done of the good field.
  • Add the Catalan README to the zip
  • Remove some tracing

Version 0.02.01


  • When creating a new db (using the program for the first time) the preference should be set for the program. This solve the problem of no category displayed.
  • OpenDB is indicating in the return value if a new db was created


  • After trying to import a non existant memo entry the application can crash on exit.
  • Removing debug string in the Makefile

Version 0.02.00 New stable release


  • In the Catalan translation changed some Km into Qm
  • Create new stable release pFuel-0.02.xx


  • Add a css needed by the new documentation files pFuel.html


  • Bug: Program doesn't go to expected form after editing notes. See Patch 1172281 by Luciano A. Stertz
  • Fix some typo and translation problem in the Brazilian- Portuguese ans Catalan translation.


  • Bug in the about form. Because of the change in the BitMap the about log what not defined anymore.
  • Add a Brazilian portuguese translation done by Luciano Stertz
  • Add a Catalan translation done by Paco Riviere
  • Update the Makefile for the new translations
  • Update the README for the 2 new translations
  • Increment the version number.
  • Update cnvtFLog to use the new logo

Version 0.01.16


  • Add a Galecian translation done by Oscar X. Beiro
  • Add an Italian translation done by Marcello Majonchi
  • When switching to include maintenance cost in the start form, the form was not updated.
  • Change the logo of pFuel and add a new one for hires palm
    • Set the transparancy color for the logo.
  • Solve some problems with the French translation (submitted by email by Fernando Deambrosio)
    • Dans Préférences, les listes Odométre et Rendement sont en anglais.
    • Dans l'onglet Stats Globales, il y a une ligne qui n'est pas traduite "Max Dist per Tank"
    • Dans le graphique, quand-t-on passe de "Rendement" à "Coût/Volume" et on revient à "Rendement", l'onglet ne revient pas correctement
    • Le bouton "Moyenne" est trop long et il est coupé
  • Add the new version in the readme and start a FAQ

Version 0.01.15


  • Add Dutch translation done by Sven DeTroch
  • Add Germain translation done by Michael Maier and Stefan Kursawe

Version 0.01.14


  • Commit the new version number
    • This is the last develpment release for 0.01.xx It will become the stable release in the following weeks.


  • new Spanish version. Translation done by Adrian de los Santos.
  • Try to follow the Palm GUI guidelines.
  • Commit old stuff not committed.
    • Update of documentation


  • Bug: 1090618: spelling/wording corrections.


  • Feature request: 1091355: Add the pound symbol to the available currencies. Done
  • Remove the glabal variable CURRENCY_CHAR instead use the globalPrefs.currency.

Version 0.01.13


  • Feature Request: 1085274: Use the 5 way button to navigate between the fields. (Need testing!!)


  • Bug: 1089656: Maintenance Date cannot be set. Fixed
  • Bug: 1088391: Graph switch. Changing the graph to $/Vol then exiting the graph form. Accessing the graph form the graph is the $/Vol but the title is not the good one. Fixed.
  • Removing TRACE calls


  • The export.c file for entry 20041214-RR-01 was not committed
  • Bug: 1088275: Starting the program on a Treo 180 with PalmOS 3.5 cause a fatal exception. TblGetNumberOfColumns is not found in the PalmOS 3.5 API. We now use the Glue functions
  • Bug: Setting the filter in the stat form and tapping the graph button crash the application. We are now using the FrmShowObject instead of CtlShowControl as recommended in the doc.
  • The Makefile now links with the Glue library
  • Clean the code (i.e. remove some TRACE calls)
  • The file pFuel.c was not committed in the last commit. See first item in 20041216-RR-01
  • Spelling error in pFuel.rcp.in. This can cause a string to be in the wrong language.

Version 0.01.12


  • Bug: The preference version 0x06 was not loaded correctly. This prevented the saving/loading of the filter dates.
  • Update documentation and add/update screenshots
  • Update the README and TODO files


  • Bug: 1083181: Setting a filter before exporting then importing the same data can crash the application. Fixed. If you are using version 0.01.11 or earlier you can manually change the Line 3 of the memo to have the right number of records.
  • You can now set the range of records to be exported.
  • Remove the prefix to the following ID DateFilterCheckbox FromSetTrigger DateFilterToLabel and ToSelTrigger.


  • Bug: 1083139: Stats on empty database gives fatal error. Fixed

Version 0.01.11


  • Bug: 1078395: PFuel v0.01.10 form overlaps. Fixed
  • Bug: 1078432: After Tapping the note of a Maintenance to go directly to Note you always when to the note after that when tappin an item.
  • Bug: 1078429: After Tapping the note of a Maintenance to go directly to Note. You are not able to set a Mtn item done or not done. Fixed

Version 0.01.10


  • Add a new stat to the Overall stat and change the form layout
  • Bug 1077047: On the Add Fuel form tapping on the menu can make the application crash for some PDA.
  • Remove some TRACE
  • The number of digit you can enter in a field is not restricted to 6 since this is the number of significant digit for a float. (Forgot to had it to the maintenance in the previous checkin)
  • Make the function FrmSetLabelAlign smaller.
  • Update version number
  • Add French translation for new stat


  • for pFuel.c: use the #define to indentify the column instead of a number
  • On the fuel form, making a Line Feed (/) move you to the next field.
  • On the mtn form, making a Line Feed (/) move you to the next field.
  • The number of digit you can enter in a field is not restricted to 6 since this is the number of significant digit for a float.
  • Fix a memory leak in SetFieldf
  • A note icon is shown in the Maintenance table and you can tap on it to access the note. (Same thing as in the Fuel table).
  • Remove some TRACE in old function that we know they work correctly

Version 0.01.09


  • Missing include file section.h in cnvtFLog.h
  • utils.h
    • Create a new version for PreferenceType to include the flag addMtn (i.e. addMaintenance cost to statistic)
    • Remove the global variable DIRECTION, we use the globalsPrefs.ordering instead.
    • Remove commented out code un pfRecord.c
  • Use the new V6PreferenceType
  • One of the functions in utility.h was not in the good section
  • It is now possible to add to the stat the cost of Maintenance
  • The function MtnRecReadData must be extern since it is used by the stat.
  • Bug: 1069621: Impossible to enter text in the Maintenance field using the Graffiti area. Fixed
  • Remove unused code from maintenance.c
  • Bug: 1069619: Impossible to delete a note from a record. Fixed


  • The main form and maintenance table now share the same function for initialising and loading the table. The ID for the table are now the same for the 2 forms.
  • Remove the global variable DIRECTION, we use the globalsPrefs.ordering instead.
  • Stats: The Avg dist between tank was not calculated correctly when the filter was set.
  • Bug: 1062526: You were able to scroll pass the last record using the physical scroll buttons when the filter was set.
  • Update the stat unitTest. Add a test when using the filter

Version 0.01.08


  • Remove an undefined variable used in a TRACE only


  • Move the function TableScrollPage to utility.c since maintenance.c will need it also.
  • Enable the physical key to scroll the maintenance table.
  • The maitenance table was not scrolling correctly since the index was taken form the pFuelDB and not the pFuelMtnDB.
  • Update the version number
  • Update documentation to describe the new way we handle maitenance alert.


  • Bug 1062520: Title of stat form cut by the name of the car. Change the name of the stat form to "Overall stat" and "Record Stat" to make it smaller and also more significant.
  • Bug 162515: On the main form the Volume number can cross the border of its cells. To solve this problem if the number don't fit in. We remove the least significant digit. We don't use the function WinDrawTruncChars since the ellipsis take one place.


  • Bug 1063792: Crash when accessing maintenance form if Palm OS is not Palm OS 3.5 and above. Now we display a warning. We were not checking with againts the good version.


  • Feature Request 1063209: Add unit to "Max distance per tank".


  • Bug 1062526: On the stat form when the filter is set tapping the up arrow when the more recent record is not included by the filter can have unexpected result. When an alarm goes off when you look at this undefined record the Palm can reset.
  • Only record included by the filter can be viewed when the filter is set.
  • Updating documentation
    • Talk about new filter feature
  • On the maintenance form table when you tap the first column. The column don't stay highlighted anymore.


  • Bug 1062467: On the record stat form the units for the Odometer and difference were always "Km" even if the preference was set to "Mi". Fixed
  • Changed the name id form for Line4 and Line5 to Odo and Diff
  • The note button was moved on some of the forms so that it is always at the same position.


  • Bug 1062470: Tapping the average button make the application crach and can cause a reset. Fixed

Version 0.01.07


  • Their was an extra c causing problem in cnvtFLogRsc.h ????


  • Redraw the MainForm after an import
  • Update documentation
    • Update the part about the import and export
    • Update the part about the Stats
  • Remove a warning when using TRACE in debug mode in the export.c file. The %f in a string is not available. We use FormatFloat now.
  • We now use an explicit names instead of Line1 for the Stats in the rcp file. (Only done for the overall stat for now)
  • The days variable in fuelcursor is now a UInt32 instead of Int32, since the function to get the value return a UInt32
  • FormatFloat is now returning a pointer to the string provided as argument.
  • Worked on firstFuel and nextFuel function. They were not always given a consistant answer.
  • Updating the version number
  • Add a unitTest directory
    • Add a basic unitTest for the Stat. The answers are in the *.txt and the values are in the *.pFuelDB.db file, where *==unitTest4Stat. N.B. The unitTest4Stat should be removed before installing the db in the palm emulator/simulator.
  • Add extension .pdb and .PDB as binary file in cvswrapper


  • Check that there is a record to be released before releasing it


  • Some pointers where not unlocked. This was introduced by the previous commit


  • In the statistic of a record, the efficiency of a record is not accurate if the current record and the previous record don't have the full tank checked.
  • The statistic form of a record has a button for the note instead of a line (The note is not editable).
  • The average statistic and the statistic of a record are now two separate forms.
  • You can now set the starting index for firstFuel.
  • StartFormDoRecord now use the new firstFuel fonction instead of redoing everything.


  • The filter dates are now saved when you exit the application. There are now part of the globalPrefs structure.


  • The stat and graph form now share the same code (a new function) to set and display the filters date.
  • The title for the date form are now comming from string resource and are now translated in French


  • There is a new "Go To" button in the maitenance alert form. This will bring you to the maintenance record generating the alert.


  • Bug: The cost int the maintenance form is saved but don't show up when you edit/open the saved record. Fixed
  • The maintenances are now sorted.
  • Create a new function SetFieldf to set a field with a float
  • Update documentation
  • Remove a compilation warning in graph.c


  • Create a function to simplify the way we align a float in a label A side effect of this is: The application is now smaller
  • Clean code

Version 0.01.06


  • Bug 1029264: We are now able to scroll up with the "Up key" The previous fix was not good (20041014-RR-01)
  • Clean code (remove commented out code)
  • Now by default the TRACE is disabled


  • pFuel.rcp.in: Fixed missing space in (X Y) position. Added a graffiti state indicator to the maintenance entry form. Replace units with PREVLEFT/RIGHT/TOP/BOTTOM/WIDTH/HEIGHT where appropriate. Cleanup of indentation and extra spaces.
  • CHANGELOG: Updated developer code.


  • Bug 1045922: Extra pixels above table headers: fixed
  • Bug 1045911: If the category of a record is changed to "All" the record vanish.
  • Bug 1029264: We are now able to scroll up with the "Up key"
  • Bug 1045928: There is a 1 pixel gap between border of table and name of car in the main table.

Version 0.01.05


  • Problem with the "Total Distance" label in the stats form. The label was not comming back after viewing the stat of a record.
  • Corrected typo in the French string.
  • Align the value on the stats form.
  • Correcting typo and missing French string in the Graphics menu.


  • Bug 1037831: The Total distance was always from the first record if fiter dates were set.

Version 0.01.04

  • - Verifier si 20040930-RR-01 est la


  • Add the possibility to graph price/volume
  • pFuel.c: Correct a problem in the TRACE printout.
  • Update some of the screen shot to have the same image size.


  • Rewrite of GraphDrawGraph. Now it is easier to understand and also smaller in size


  • Bug: 1032954: The average was not calculated correctly. You could have a big difference if your average for each full up and the distance travelled between 2 full up varied alot.
  • Bug: 1031561: The label for the date filter on the Graph from can have the wrong string. This don't affect the graph. Fixed


  • Remove all the function from the numericKb.[c,h] since this is handled by the new features in "New Features set 3.5"


  • Restricted fields on Add petrol dialog to be numerical. This is really handy on the Treo because it automatically sets up the keyboard for numeric input.


  • Add the possibility to change the currency symbol
  • Rewrite the way we handle the global saved preferences.
  • Add a new PreferenceType structure and bump the version to 0x04

Version 0.01.03


  • These change solve bug: 1026637, 1025196, 1023868
  • In version pFuel-0.01.02, changing the ordering changed the ordering of the record in the databse. Now we change the ordering in the display.
  • note.c:Remove TRACE printout
  • Add 2 new utility functionbs: findTopOfTable and UpdateScrollbar
  • maintenance.c
    • Apply patch from bug 1026637 by thomas_ah.
    • Use new function findTopOfTable and UpdateScrollbar
  • pfRecord.c: Remove a compilation warning
  • In version pFuel-0.01.02, changing the ordering changed the ordering of the record in the databse. Now we change the ordering in the display.
  • Use new function findTopOfTable and UpdateScrollbar
  • Add a new global variable MtnTopVisibleRecord which replace TopVisibleRecord static in maintenance.c


  • Bug 1025196 - set Resort variable when adding a new fuel record. This ensures things are sorted correctly.


  • date is know exported as epoch(ie, days since January, 1, 1904).

Version 0.01.02


  • Update documentation, i.e. talk about the new features and add new images.
  • Bug 1019258: Correcting the calculation of the average. We were dividing by n+1 instead of n. Fixed.
  • Bug 1018851: The preferences was not taken into account for the unit of the Odometer field in the Maintenance form. Fixed.
  • Bug: 1019251: The header of the main table are not redraw when changing the order. Fixed
  • Bug 1018851: A translation was missing in the English table for the first column of the Maintenance table. Fixed
  • Bug 1019253: The record were not scanned correctly. This could lead to an almost infinite loop. Fixed
  • PrefGetPreference return a UInt32 so we should use %ld to construct the string.

Version 0.01.01


  • Bug 1019251: When changing the ordering the header dissapear on some palm. Fixed


  • pFuel.rcp.in
    • Separate the string to make the translation possible
    • Write the French translation for the string
    • Change the position of the element in the different form such that in both language it looks good. Try to position the element with respect to each other instead of giving them fix position.
  • Ajout d'une version francais (pFule_fr.prc). pFuel is now available in French.
  • Update the README
  • Update the documentation
  • Makefile: Add code to generate application in different language
  • Now the string for thetwo title for the Petrol Form comes from a resource


  • Added documentation on export and import.


  • Add a comment in html file detailing the various lines displayed on the graphic.
  • Initial implementation of importer
  • CreateRecord() is now external


  • Feature request 1012185: The graphics are now display in the native resolution of the palm device. (i.e. Hight resolution is supported).
  • The str for the header of the Maintenance table are now string resources.
  • There is border around the header for the MtnTable
  • The str for the header of the Main table are now string resources.
  • Rewrite the way we draw the table so that each cell can use the same code to draw itself and the header also.
  • Make the Maintenance table larger to accommodate a longer description.
  • Feature request 996066: This was discussed in this feature. The description in the maintenance form can have 14 chars.
  • Bug: The Odometer field in the Maintenance form was not big enough if the number of decimals was set to 4 and the odometer value was in the hundred of thousand range (xxx xxx.xxx)
  • Feature request 992650: The ordering of the Main table can now we selected. CompareFuel, firstFuel and nextFuel were changed to allow that feature.
  • Adjust the position of the Note button in the maintenance form
  • Add a new item in the Options submenu; if selected it will change the ordering in the table.
  • The scrollbar length is calculate with the macro
  • pfRecord.c: Remove a compilation warning
  • utility.c
    • Feature request 992650: Add a new parameter to firstFuel and nextFuel to give the ordering direction
    • Add the function DrawCellTable
  • Add a new preference type since we now save the ordering for the table not only the category. The version when
  • pFuel.h: The appPrefVersionNum is incremented by one since now we save the category and the ordering for the table


  • reverted export to dump only current category based on
Remi's explanation of the user model.


  • Bug 985654: Selecting the Date in the Maintenance Form can make the application crash. The Label for the Date trigger was not long enough. Fixed.


  • Add a Progress bar for cnvtFLog
  • Move the UpdateScroll bar so that the main form and maintenance form can both use it.
  • Update the way we control the scroll bar so we can use the same function in the main form and maintenance form. We also remove 2 global variables scrollbarnumrecs AND scrollbartoppos.
  • SelectCategory now take the CurrentCategory has argument instead of relying on the global variable.
  • Update and optimize the graphic functions so it is more obvious what is going on. Split the code into different function.
  • Resize the scroll bar so that it fit nicely with the table. Resisze also the table. We use the "macro" PREVTOP, etc so that the scrollbar is always the good size.
  • Manual merge the change from branch pFuel-0.00.03 (200408xx-RR-01)


  • import not matches the changes to the exporter.


  • export all categories to memo pad(not just the current one).


  • Use resource instead of string constants to ease possible translation.


  • Initial check in of the importer. It isn't complete. At this time, it will local a memo and parse it correctly.
  • Variables were initialized in graph.c and maintenance.c to eliminate compiler warnings.

Version 0.01.00


  • Exclude all CVS directory when creating a zip file.
  • Add doxygen documentation
  • Remove cvs variable (i.e Logs) from the header of the files
  • Merge the change from branch 0.00.03 for cnvtFLog conversion
    • Simplify the test for volume conversion
  • Merge the change from branch 0.00.03 for the stats form
  • Change the name of some ID from ...Notes... to ...Note...
  • Lots of small changes to the maintenance to make it work better. Still work in progress but should not crash.
  • A new maintenance record is created when the every_xxx is set in a maintenance and we select OK when there is an alert.
  • Change the way we handle (read, save) note of a record.
  • Move most of the functions for note to the note.[c|h] files
  • The new maintenance feature is working but the GUI need more work. (jk or anyone are you interested. I'm very bad at GUI desing).
  • Change the ordering in pFuelRsc.h to have continuous number where needed.
  • Found a problem in FormatFloat the str can be overfloaded if the number is very big. This can happen if the number was not defined.
  • Make the ParsedFixed function more robust
  • Rewrite of the compare function
  • The function recordHasNote now can work on different record not only PFRecord.


  • export.c - initialize memory in new database record.


  • pFuel.c - moved StarterMainPilot() body into MainPilot(). Func StarterMainPilot() eliminated.
  • export.c - a global var called str was used. It has been replace with lstr.


  • The fuelLogDB was opened twice.
  • Use the function OpenDB to open fuelLogDB
  • cnvtFLog and pFuel were not closing the databases.
  • A string resource was not defined
  • The resources PFuelCarPrefInfoStr was never set in cnvtFlog
  • The Tungsten owner can now see the graphics. The FrmDrawForm should be done before doing the graphics.
  • Accessing the stats form with all records on the same date crash the application. Fixed.
  • The resources PFuelCarPrefInfoStr and PFuelMtnInfoStr wer never set in pFuel
  • The unitsEffAbvrLst pointer was never released
  • Use DmGetQuery when possible.
  • We were releasing queried record and we don't need to do that.
  • If there is a problem when trying to open a database in readonly mode we return the last error.
  • Adding a new extension (.jbf) to be excluded by cvs


  • RecordHasNote don't need to release the record since it is not busy.
  • cnvtFLog was not closing the databases.
  • Work on maintenance form.


  • Manual Merge the change from branch pFuel-0-00-03-patch (v0.00.09)
  • Add maintenance. Can have trigger by date and odometer value.


  • Adding new file provided by Leonardo Skorianez: .cvsignore doxygen.conf
  • Adding command in Makefile to generate doxygen documentation
  • Patch from Leonardo Skorianez: the previous patch was not applied correctly to convert PFUEL to pFuel.
  • Patch by John Kern: the argument to CPP was not in the good order.
  • There was space not needed.
  • Make the disposition of the stats form relative to each other.
  • Remove comment from the rsc file. This caused problem when compiling under OS X. Problem reported by John Kern.
  • When saving file the odo value was converted using convertVolume instead of convertDistance
  • Simplify the firstFule function
  • Add the first documentation of pFuel


  • Merging the change from branch pFuel-0-00-03-patch
  • Starting to add the maintenance functions.

Version: 0.00.06


  • Bug 970355: Need a reset when using cnvtFLog. Converting fuel from USGallon to LITRES (default value for the new db) was accessing global variables out of the section of memory. Now we call the function convertVolume in the section of memory able to access the global variable.
  • Bug 970355: Set preferences, hit OK, ERROR: DataMgr.c, Line:7821, Index out of range Locked up,Reset button would not work. Had to hard reset. The program was not made to save preference for All/Unfiled category. We are now able to save the preference for All/Unfiled category.

Version: 0.00.05


  • Bug 966181: Solve part of this bug:
Attempting to run "stats" and "graph" now gives me the following error: MemoryMgrNew.c, Line: 4128, Invalid handle. When the category is All the sort order is the date sort we can have a "reducing odometer. We were trying to display a form that was removed (Reducing Odometer)
  • Bug 968299. One of the variables was always fetching its value
from the saved preferences. But the preferences can have strange value the first time we use the program. Now we check if the prefs are defined.
  • Bug 953635: The problem with the icon was not solved when doing a commit with cvs. I hope this time is the good one.

  • Update the Makefile to enable the creation of the 2 prc file when doing: gmake zip

  • Add a note in the README file for the hotsync problem.

Version: 0.00.04


  • Bug 962768: When doing an hotsync and cnvtFLog was being installed or already be installed. The cleaning step of the hotsync can cause a reset and freeze the PDA. The cnvtFLog application was started and was accessing global variables. and this is a "No No". Some function call were moved and now they are called only when we have the good command.
  • The default label of the date in the AddPetrol form was not large enough to handle a long date format.

Version: 0.00.03


  • Bug 953669: When trying to open Fatal error. The car preference was not loaded. To display the first main window we need access to the preference for the headers. The problem was the OpenDB function returning 1 (a wrong value).
  • Bug 953635:
    • The bmp file were saved as ascii file. Adding in the cvswrapper to handle files ending by .bmp as binary
    • The label for the selection in the preference form where not updated. After a changed. The label were not set with the new value.
  • Update the Makefile so we can also build cvntFLog. We also need to add the following file.
  • Added Files: src/[cvntFLog.def cvntFLog.rpc.in cvntFLog.ver]
  • Deleted Files: Makefile cnvtFLogRsc.h export.h pFuelRsc.h

Version: 0.00.02


  • The variable appPrefVersionNum goes from 0x01 to 0x02
  • Remove the link to the todos in the preferences record. The Maintenances will have their own database instead of being at the end of the preference record.
  • Remove file left over in the pFuel directory
    • Update the makefile
    • Add the possibility to build pFuel or cnvtFLog
    • Add the creation of a zip package
  • The make update the version number in *.rcp.in and create the .rcp file.


  • Bug: Status: Solved When selecting a category from the main Form and then going to the AddPetrol form and selecting a Field can make the application crash.
  • Bug: Status: Solved When the unfiled category is selected and we add a new record. The first category was selected. Now it is still the unfiled category.
  • Bug: Status: Solved The label can display strange string. This is updated. The labels were sharing the same string buffer.
  • Remove the function floatToInt32. Since this is not really needed.
  • Delete *.c, *.h, etc files in the pFuel directory
  • All the selection for the categories are done at the same place for all the form. (i.e. Right corner).
    • Segment the code to be able to go above the 32k limit.
    • New Makefile

Version: 0.00.01

  • pFuel-0.00.01 is now available on sourceforge. Initial commit

Developer code
  • RR: Remi Ricard
  • JK: John Kern
  • TAH: Thomas Arendsen Hein
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